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Garage Door Opener Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with your garage door opener. If it is refusing to open and shut, your garage door springs, rollers, or cable may be broken and need to be replaced. Perhaps the door is simply off its track, needing realignment to function properly. Or, maybe it’s continuing to open and close, but not without and eardrum-shattering squeal for the whole neighborhood to hear. Is your garage door opener on the fritz? Having an automatic overhead garage door doesn’t do you much good if you can’t open it. We have experienced team of technicians here at garage door opener, we can quickly repair any one of these broken garage door annoyances.

Remote management

You don’t have to leave your car anymore to open your garage door. We provide openers that can be connected with wi-fi, and you can manage your garage door through your phone.

Specialized technicians

Toronto and GTA home business owners trust First Choice Garage Doors services for their residents and commercial garage door opener repair service. Our specialized technicians are available to ensure that you always have safe and easy access to your home or business.

Complete diagnostic

We offer fast and friendly repair and replacement so you can feel confident your garage door is functioning the way it should. When our technicians arrive, they run a complete diagnostic of your garage door to determine if the problem is with the garage door opener or more if any other parts are malfunctioning. Ready to go with tools on the scene, our technicians then prepare a complete quote to know the full details of what needs to be repaired. They then begin working on making any repairs or adjustments right away.

Major brands guaranteed service

We fix and repair garage door openers for every major brand, especially Liftmaster opener and chamberlain opener. Emergency garage door opener can present several issues as:

Motors that don’t work
Drive mechanism is faulty.
Circuits that are not working properly
Gears and chains that have broken
Remote control malfunction
Motion sensor has been damaged.
Trolley carriages that have broken down
Lights that have gone out
Circuit board that has been damaged

Emergency garage door opener repair, replacement or installation

We are available to diagnose and provide you with any kind of emergency opener repair. You also could require an opener replacement or a fresh opener installation, which we also offer in the fastest scheduling in the market.

24/7 services

Our technicians are available to deliver same-day and 24/7 emergency opener repairs in the GTA at any time of day or night. So call us today and get your garage door opener fixed.

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