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Garage door installation service

A garage door installation is a process that requires a skilled and experienced technician. We have more than 20 years of experience in garage door installations and all the issues that arise with garage door installation.

First Choice Garage doors team can effectively deliver to you an installation or replacement in the highest quality standard in the market. Our squad is extremely skilled and your property will be redesigned for a very talented team.

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Garage door style

First Choice Garage Door offers a high-quality product with the best type of garage door in the market. Our styles will match exactly what you are looking for to make your property good-looking. The renovation of your garage door can redesign your house, raising the standards of your property.

We provide free online quotes for new garage doors. If you call us we will send a technician right away to show our brochure to provide you with a personalized garage door that meets your expectations.

We deal with several styles, such as:
Flush panels garage doors
Modern garage doors
Clear view garage doors
Long panels
Long raised panels
Short panels
Short raised panels
Aluminum garage doors
Wood garage doors
Glass garage doors

We offer garage doors with windows or without windows, to address your needs and raise your garage door standards. The garage doors provided by First Choice Garage Doors are of the highest quality in the market, with good-looking, high standards, and durable. We have a team working 24/7 to assist you to select the finest garage door for you.

Garage door pricing

There are many factors that can impact the price of your garage door. It all depends on your budget, the style of garage door you are looking for, the size of your garage, the type of material, insulated garage door or not, weight, durability, and the colour.

We provide durable garage doors, steel and aluminum that can be recycled. Even the measurement impacts a lot in the pricing since we have custom sizes garage doors made to fit properly at your property.


When you are planning for a new garage door it is very important to choose the insulation to make sure that you got a comfortable temperature inside your garage door. The foamed polyurethane injected with both sides of steel covered can make a huge difference in the temperature inside your garage door.

It is very important an insulated garage door, especially if your garage door is close to a room in your house. The insulation can improve your energy efficiency, and lower your energy bills since the insulated doors can make a difference of up to 10 degrees inside your garage.

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